Elizabeth OlsenShe may have had to use her superpowers in order to pass the polygraph. 

The 13th of May will see the WandaVision star sat in the hot seat while Vanity Fair subjected her to a real-life lie detector test. Though Elizabeth kept her answers mostly serious (and honest!She did however reveal some funny truths. It is really thinks about some of her Hollywood peers, including Danielle Haim And Chris Evans

The interviewer started the test by reminding the Marvel actress that she once mentioned being “intimidated” by Danielle—who she’s known since high school. Elizabeth described Elizabeth “a very talented and cool person.”

Elizabeth was then asked about Danielle’s acting ability. The singer played a minor role in the film. Licorice Pizza, which starred her sister Alana Haim.)

“Danielle recently entered Licorice PizzaThe interviewer replied, “Yes,” Do you believe you are a better actor then her?

Elizabeth laughed and replied “Yeah” before adding “Sorry.” Sorry, Danielle. She’d be very happy to accept my apology.”