This is going to be one hilarious story. 

CelebHomes News has exclusive access to the trailer of sitcom stars Ed HelmsAnd Randall Park‘s new Peacock’s original comedy series True Story of Ed and Randall. The premiere of the series will be available on the NBCUniversal streaming service on Thursday, January 20. The same vein as Drunk HistoryThe series is both scripted-unscripted hybrid that has one part talk and one part reenactment. 

The trailer begins, “Everyone has their story.” But some stories deserve to be made famous on TV. 

Randall and Ed question the why, when, where and how of these extraordinary people. Every episode features a different storyteller, who tells their story in a unique way. 

From sneaking into the Super Bowl to a wacky way of getting out of a speeding ticket, these true stories are ready for primetime—especially thanks to hilarious dramatized re-enactments starring A-listers like former NFL superstar and star of The Bradshaw Bunch Terry Bradshaw, Adam Pally, Terry Crews, Fortune FeimsterAnd Anders Holm