At least New York City has no Pelotons. 

The latest trailer for HBO’s upcoming The Gilded Age, released on Dec. 13, stars Sex and the City Alum Cynthia NixonTogether with Christine BaranskiMorgan SpectorCarrie CoonDenée Benton and Audra McDonald.

Great social dividesAnd racial tensions make Downton AbbeyCreator Julian Fellowes upcoming period piece as juicy as any modern story line.

Historically set in 1882. The latest clip features a young Marian Brook.Louisa Jacobson) moving from rural Pennsylvania to NYC after the death of her father to live with her old-money aunts Ada (Nixon) and Agnes (Baranski).

Agnes tells her niece, “Collection of Villages” that is the place where “older” people have been ruling for many years.

“Well, I’m new. The young actress, who plays the role of the woman, says “Well, I’m just here.” Meryl Steep‘s real–life daughter.

“You are my niece, and you belong to old New York,” Agnes retorts, but the footage makes it pretty clear that this kid is not going to let a snobby old-school principle keep her from taking a big chance in the city of dreams.