Derek kept his best gushing for last Baz LuhrmannHe is the legendary director of Moulin Rouge!.

“One his first films was [1992’s] Strictly Ballroom,” Derek told CelebHomes News. It was all about ballroom dancing. He got his start in ballroom dancing from it, and this movie was most likely the best about the subject. And of course, Moulin Rouge!, which we’re also going to be doing for the special.”

However, in the presence of so many legends, it was a certain social media influencer who came to mind when Derek and Julianne were asked who surprised them the most.

Derek stated, “Charli D’Amelio is my personal favorite.” She’s a huge TikTok Star and is taking the internet by storm via social media. Although she is well-known for her TikTok moves, this one is quite different. Like, this is it! Dirty Dancing. She was learning how to dance the salsa and ballroom. It was very brief. Yet, she was so determined.”

Julianne echoed the praise for the 17-year-old influencer, who took on the role of Baby from Dirty Dancing.

It was like she wasn’t a child anymore when we had her actually on the set. We’re all old people over here, you know! CelebHomes News was amused by Julianne. You could clearly see the growth. Baby was her real name. She was learning and shy, but also a bit nervous. It was then that it just…Bam!