He is becoming more nervous at the Joker’s inability to see right through him, before the villain uncovers a dark truth.

Joker: “I’m afraid that you might be scared.” “‘Cause you’re not sure [the Riddler is] wrong.” The Joker’s madcap laughter is heard behind Batman as he storms out.

Watch the full clip here, which is part of the ongoing online augmented-reality game.  

Superhero fans first got their glimpse at the Joker as he befriends the Riddler at the end of the film. While Keoghan was listed as ‘Unnamed Arkham Inmate’ in its credits, his character’s real identity was later confirmed by director Matt Reeves

Now that the Clown Prince has been finally unmasked, what does he think about this scene? 

Keoghan, “No words”, tweeted. He sent a follow up message. addedI honestly don’t know what to say, but it is a blessing that I get to be able play the role of this amazing actor after them. This is my version. Enjoy.”  

Recent interview conducted by VarietyReeves spoke out about the deleted scene, and explained why it had been cut. Reeves stated that it was not necessary. It was one of those scenes that, given the complexity of the story, by taking it out it helped keep the story moving in the way it needed.