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The series premiere of Apple TV+ Comedy It AfterpartyThe pop star Xavier made his public debut at a reunion. Xavier was only briefly featured on the show, with the single “X Marks the G-Spot” and a few other songs before his tragic death.

Xavier died in a tragic accident, but he continues to live through his music. Sony Music releases the parody EP to honor his memory. R.I.P. Xavier, which “finds the People’s Choice Award nominee experimenting with his signature pop sound on tracks like the R&B-tinged ‘Do Wet’ and lead single ‘Imma Live Forever,’ a solemn reminder of his untapped potential,” according to the label.

Just before his murder, Xavier wrote, “I was inspired to write this EP and the song ‘Imma Live Forever’ because I’m literally going to live forever… I’m immortal. “Sorry to break it for all my haters.”