Get your dancing shoes ready: NBC’s newest competition series will have you up on your feet.

Shakira, Nick JonasAnd Liza KoshyWe are here to assist everyday dancers in this brand new show. Dancing With Myself—premiering May 31—and CelebHomes News has your exclusive first look at the feel-good series.

Jonas says that “Twelve amazing dancers will compete and then someone is going to win.” This should feel like the most exciting dance party.

A dozen contestants will take part in “a series high-energy dancing challenges”, which are created by three judges and host. Camille KostekAccording to the description of the show, it includes celebrity guests.

Kostek says in the first glance, “We invited people all across the country to dance and in these super cool pods.” The judges will select their favorite dancers to move on, but Kostek states that the studio audience will determine the winner after each round.