Craig ConoverIt is creating havoc in the Hamptons.

It Southern CharmOn next week’s new event, star will still be in town Summer HouseHe’s being made to face the aftermath, as you can see in the clip. Lindsay HubbardTelling Paige DeSorboAbout him “hooking up with” Kristin Cavallari

“Are you still f–king her?” Paige questions in the preview.

“If I am in Nashville, can I hook up? Craig replies “Yes”, though Kristin denied that they had ever dated. Austen Kroll. “Paige. I won’t lie to you. Right now, you and I don’t have to be together. Because you got out of an abusive relationship, it’s not something that you wanted to do.

Paige has a few “I don’t know” answers, but Craig’s admission hurts.

He smiles and says, seemingly trying to make her feel better, “The only girl that I have ever gone to a ball game with is my girlfriend.” [with]It is you. My only friend is you.

“I like your,” he says. This is not something I signed up for. “I came to swim and it was s–t. It is now a complete f–king deal.”