It Sarah Hamrick‘s Bachelor journey come to an end in the most dramatic of fashions?

Enjoy this sneak peak of BachlorEpisode 14, February 14: Leading man Clayton EchardHe doubts the relationship commitment of his 23-year-old wealth manager advisor. Specifically, Clayton feels Sarah’s age may make her unready to settle down forever with him.

In confessional form, the Bachelor asks Sarah, who is a 23-year old, “if Sarah isn’t ready for settling down?” “I have many questions.” Answers are what I seek.”

So, during their second one-on-one date, Clayton informs Sarah that he’s hoping to walk away engaged at the end of all of this—because that’s the whole point of this show. Sarah seems unaffected by Clayton’s announcement at first. However, Clayton then tells Sarah that someone had told him she was not ready for what he is looking for.

Shaken by the conversation, a tearful Sarah responds, “I’ve told you since day one that I was here because it was you. You have allowed me to be completely authentic and transparent with you.