More than 15 years after going their separate ways, Kate and her rocker ex came together to witness their son Ryder18-year-old receives his high school diploma. Photo taken at the graduation ceremony. The actress was beaming as Ryder and her stood beside her. Black Crowes musician.

In the caption, she said that today was an important day in her family’s history. You talk about the days when your kids were little, and then you say “hey, it will be 2022” and they’ll get out of high school. It seems that this day will never come. “And then we’re here!”

Calling Ryder “the most incredible young man,” Kate, who separated with Chris in 2006, added in a message to their son, “Raising you has been one of the great gifts and pleasures of my life. Your life is so rich. Your kindness, love, generosity, patience, humor, and uniqueness make you a special person.”