It’s Paris in 2022. Joe Goldberg, a newly arrived French citizen, is nearly killed by Love, his wife. Enter: Cardi B.

Well, this is just how the rapper suggests season four of You should unfold. On Thursday, Oct. 21, she noticed a change in the official Netflix Twitter bio. It now reads, “Petition get Cardi B guest star in Season 4 You“, and then she proceeded to pitch her own entrance in an tweet.

“So it’s episode 1, and I’m at Paris Fashion Week shutting it down!” I turn around to see YOU,” the artist. imagined. “Ok, finish it @netflix.”

Cardi’s lyrics were then used by the Netflix account to complete the plot. This was really impressive and must be viewed with the accompanying photosJoe (Penn Badgley

All things considered, Cardi’s idea wouldn’t be that far out considering Joe Goldberg finished season three in the streets of Paris, where he believes his latest obsession, Marienne Bellamy (Tati Gabrielle), might’ve escaped to.