Kim KardashianWelcome to the 2022 Met Gala. We are certain that this is the right time.

Eight months ago, Balenciaga was Balenciaga’s creative director when she walked the steps of The Metropolitan Museum of Art wearing a black head-toe look. Demna GvasaliaShe made her choice Marilyn Monroe‘s iconic crystal embellished gown for the May 2 fete. It was paired with blonde hair, and diamond earrings by the reality television star. (By way, every celebrity on the red carpet can be viewed here.

Interview with VogueKim shared the inspiration behind her choice of look on May 2nd.

The idea came about after September’s gala. The American theme was something I had to think about. I didn’t like the Balenciaga look. The most American thing that you could possibly think of is? Kim said that Marilyn Monroe was the best American icon she could think of. Kim said that the moment Marilyn Monroe sang “Happy Birthday” to JFK was her most memorable.

Kim teased Kim’s dress in an April 7 interview. Access Hollywood This year, her attendance would depend on how well she fits into the outfit.

Kim explained that it all comes down to how well I fit in the dress. It won’t fit me exactly because the dress can’t easily be tailored.