Below Deck Sailing Yacht‘s Ashley MartiIs done by giving a boat. 

As the third stew explains in CelebHomes News’ exclusive sneak peek of the Bravo show’s April 1 episode, she knows what she wants and she’s going to get It—it being first mate Gary King

Ashley confesses, “I just really have, like horny issues.” Gabriela BarraganWatch the video below. “And they are not going away.”

It’s unclear whether Gary overheard the conversation or simply has impeccable timing, but he suddenly appears to offer up his help and make a few flirty comments directed at Both women: “Is it ’cause I’ve got such a nice personality, I’m like a magnet to you?”

Gabriela says, “We’re all far out of our league,” Gary responds. He says, “I know that you are.” “So don’t kiss me again.”

Ashley notices the comment and asks, “So, now have we all kissed each other?”