Rihanna, randomized.

Bebe RexhaIs competing in Monday’s brand new episode on NBC. That’s My JamAlongside Anthony Anderson, T-PainAnd Ryan TedderThis sneak peek should give you an idea of her music game skills. Very nervous.

Hosted by Jimmy Fallon, That’s My Jam draws inspiration from the most popular Tonight Show games, pitting two teams of celebrities against each other as they compete for a charity of their choice. 

This round, Bebe’s taking on “Nonsense Karaoke,” which means she’ll have to sing a well known song, only the lyrics have been replaced with random words. 

What is her assigned song? Rihanna’s “Only Girl (In the World).”

Jimmy revealed that he has even dressed up the stage as a Rihanna fan, and Bebe gets the perfect windblown look when she begins to sing. 

Bebe belts a lot of hilarious lines, including “Ruba-dubby”, and “I’m having hot fries.”