Spotted during a New York minute Ashley OlsenHer 36th birthday celebration with her boyfriend Louis Eisner.

The happy couple was photographed in New York City’s The Grill on June 13th to mark Ashley’s special day. Ashley and Louis kept things casually chic, but still elegant for their dinner date. Ashley and Louis kept it casual but chic for their dinner date.The Full HouseThis alum was dressed in a black blazer and jeans with loafers. CelebHomes News snapped the artist in pink with a button-up shirt and jeans.

CelebHomes News was told by an eyewitness that Ashley and Louis did not engage in PDA at the venue but maintained a “matter-of-fact” appearance while they were inside the restaurant.

Their outing together marks the couple’s first outing since the beginning of their romantic relationship in 2017. After all, The Row fashion designer—who last appeared on the red carpet in November 2021—has strived to maintain a low-profile life.