Amy, lets talk about sex. 

Enjoy this sneak peak from Little People, Big WorldMake your wedding memorable Amy & Chris’s Happily Ever After, which airs Tuesday, Nov. 9 on TLC, fiancée Amy RoloffFinds herself at the center of an awkward conversation about sex. Per the TLC star, her girlfriends love to dish about S-E-X, especially when on a girls’ trip. This is unfortunately for Amy. It is notHer favorite topic for conversation.

They really want me talk about, but I’m not sure what. [my]In a confessional she laments about her love life and “or my personal stuff.”

Amy is emaciated after a flashback to a previous outing shows her getting nervous while discussing the mile-high club. She adds that she doesn’t feel comfortable about this. It’s something I don’t like about myself.”

Amy’s girls don’t seem to have gotten the memo. One friend starts asking trivia questions all about sex. Amy might not like the questions at first, but eventually she joins the fun by guessing rug burns to be the most frequent sex injury.