Parties like 1995

You can see the excitement in this sneak peek of tonight’s episode. Summer House, airing Monday, Feb. 7. It’s Amanda BatulaThe gang celebrates’s birthday with an ’90s themed bash.

“Guys! We’re going to spin the bottle!” Paige DeSorboAnnounces at the first glance

Hookup friends Paige and Andrea DenverThey share a passionate kiss and then Paige & Amanda lock lips while their roommates cheer them on.

Lindsay Hubbard pounces on Ciara MillerShe straddles her and kisses her passionately, and everybody laughs.

“Someone buys these girls a cigar.” Alex Wach quips.

Alex is next and says that he’s 100 percent landing on Andrea now. But the bottle eventually lands on Ciara.

Instead of exchanging a quick peck, Alex and Ciara have a full-on make-out sesh that lasts a good six seconds.