Aaron RodgersThe complete touchdown is the new look. 

The NFL player, who was previously engaged to actress Shailene WoodleyAfter getting his first tattoo, he revealed that he is now officially inked. 

Aaron shared the image of his tattoo on July 6th, by Aaron. It was done by a “goat,” Hungarian tattoo artist. Balazs Bercsényi.

“Grateful for his mastery and friendship,” Aaron wrote while showing off his ink, which features two lions, several constellations and astrological signs of Aquarius, Scorpio and Sagittarius (his sun sign). The tattoo, which Aaron hinted was inspired by astrology and the elements, also includes eye and ocean imagery. 

The athlete stated that there is a deeper and more meaningful connection between each piece of art. One day, I will share more details about this. At the moment, we are thankful to @balazsbercsenyi for his patience and artistic talent.”

According to Balazs’ YouTube page, he has a “distinct, identifiable, and meticulous style” in his creations. His bio states that his artistic influences include ancestral rituals and sacred geometry, spirituality and sculpture.