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There’s so much to love about Anthropologie from their chic easy breezy styles to their selection of home decor, furniture, candles and more that can make your living space feel like a true sanctuary. Anthropologie may be expensive if you aren’t shopping for a special sale. There are other stores online that can offer similar styles to Anthropologie for half the price. Since we’re all about helping you find the best things for the best prices, we’ve rounded up some stores and brands like Anthropologie you’ll want to have on your radar.

Amazon, for example, is an excellent place to begin if your search involves clothing and accessories. They have a huge selection of dresses, tops, jumpsuits and more that are very similar to styles you’d find at Anthropologie. They even have home decor that’s much more wallet-friendly. H&M, Target and Nordstrom Rack also offer both clothing and home items for more affordable prices, but those aren’t the only ones!

Below are some stores we love. You can check them out here.