The billboard queen of Los Angeles is finally coming to a screen near you.

Peacock has just made the announcement Angelyne—its highly-anticipated limited series starring Emmy Rossum as the blonde bombshell of the same name—will officially hit the streaming service Thursday, May 19. Centering on her rise to fame, the show chronicles how Angelyne, the glow in the dark queen, took over L.A. after plastering her portraits on billboards across the city and driving around in what eventually became known as her signature pink Corvette.

Rossum is nearly unrecognizable as the real-life figure in the below teaser, which shows her hopping into Angelyne’s famous car and speeding off into the unknown, but not before asking the audience, “Do you really wanna know my story—the story of my life?”

She continues: “The trick is that I’m something you have to experience.” I’m Angelyne.”

In a press release, Rossum said the new series, which she’s dedicated the better part of four years to, “plays with large questions,” such as, “Are we defined by the historical facts of our life? Can we really define ourselves?