Matchmaker Shae PrimusThe latest client for Alicia might prove to be one of her most challenging.

CelebHomes News offers an exclusive peek into the future in this CelebHomes News sneak peak Atlanta Love MatchSeason Finale: Middle-Class Matchmaker CEO sends her friend ShantaOnly things can go wrong on a given date.

Shae confesses, “I have known Shanta since at least four years.” Even though she says her client is difficult to match, Shae also recognizes Shanta as a big teddy bear.

Shae states, “She is tough on the outside but soft inside.” So, my goal is to bring that softness out more.

Shanta, armed with a Shae rose quartz heart, sets out on a beautiful picnic date with her friend. Ken.

Shae said that Ken has “a lot of masculine energie,” about Shae’s pick. He’s a retired soldier, so I expect her to be in her gorgeous, feminine body on the date.