If Bormir from The Fellowship of the Ring were to still be with us today, he’d say “One does not simply list their own home just to buy it back.” And, Dr. Evil would ask “Who buys their own home, honestly?” Scott Disick would, well, not say anything to both of these fictitious characters and do what he wants. The boyfriend of one of the Kardashians (Kourtney) and father of three listed a 4,095 sq ft expanse, just to buy it back. Of course, it’s within good reason. It seems like Scott’s exploring a new hobby; house flipping.

It’s accounted for that he bought the 5 bed and 6 bath floor plan for roughly $2 million last February. Scott spent $3.699 million on it just before Christmas Eve. Early Christmas present much? Scott doesn’t think so, especially not after he remodels the premises. It currently has a nice spacious kitchen, nice pool, outdoor lounge section, and plenty of space to party hardy. One may find Disick’s party palace in the 90210 area.

Address: Unknown