Ever wonder how Oscar Mayer (don’t pretend like you don’t know who Oscar Mayer is) rolled in real estate? Well, we’ve found his historic manse, which can be seen on Forest Ave in Evanston IL. It’s said that he inhabited the 6 bedroom and 4.5 bath for 38 years before parting. At least Mayer had that, and the wienermobile. which was originally created in 36′. Records dictate that Oscar Mayer purchased the 7,401 sq ft house back in 27′. Now, it’s being sold off. Lets examine it before we say good bye, at least to Mayer’s massive meat factory.

The residency has three levels, a spacious front porch, deck, and a nice big backyard. It was built in 1903 and sits on 0.21 acres. Wherever, or whoever, this home’s fate leads to, those who stand infront of it may do so in awe. Oscar Mayer’s former palace, we salute you and bid a good farewell.

Address: 1030 Forest Ave, Evanston IL 60202