Scott said that Kim was a completely different person from Pete. As he quipped, “She says like young slang words.”

Kim and Pete started dating shortly after Pete, the founder of SKIMS, hosted their first event in November 2021. Saturday Night Live. Kim shared this in the June 2 episode The KardashiansAfter they had an intimate on-screen kiss in an Aladdin theme sketch, their interest in Pete increased. You can’t forget the “BDE” rumors.

“I did it!” SNL and then when we kissed in a scene, it was just a vibe,” Kim explained, before revealing that she then asked a SNL producer for Pete’s number. I wasn’t thinking about him as if he was going to get me in a serious relationship. It was just that I heard of this BDE. It’s time to go out…I was basically DTF.”

They say the rest is history.

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