You might be unsure about clicking “add to Cart”. Here are some reviews by Amazon shoppers.

One customer said, “I’m a professional artist and use high-end products like Nars, Chanel, Mac, etc.” These lip liners look amazing! Similar to NYX and a little like Mac. It is opaque and smooth. I tried the product on my lips and hand, but it didn’t seem to come off. YES THERE IS 54 LIP LINERS!”

One shopper stated, “I didn’t think they would be so good… These were not what I expected. How wrong I was. These are the most amazing lip liners that I’ve ever tried. You can see in the picture three samples where I compared them with Kylie Lip Liners, NYX and NYX. The consistency is almost the same. They went on smoothly and the pigmentation was great.

“I hesitated to purchase these as cheap, bulk makeup doesn’t usually have high-quality quality. But I was wrong. These shades are amazing quality. The best part is that each shade is unique. While you won’t notice subtle differences on the photographs, in real life you will ….see them all. The texture is just as amazing. These are creamy, buttery and smooth. They remind me of NYX brand lipsticks, as another reviewer stated. They are of exceptional quality. I own makeup from many higher-end Sephora brands such as Too Faced, Stila, and Anastasia Beverly Hills, and I know a quality makeup product when I see it,” a customer wrote.

A friend shared this: These pencils look amazing. These pencils are amazing! They were my own purchase, but I ended up gifting them to my mom because she saw them. It was time to order another set. You won’t need another MAC pencil! It will be a great investment.

“If this is you, please comment on it !!!!! There are so many to choose from, and they come in so many colors. You can’t forget how smooth and creamy they are. They feel like butter. They are so smooth and easy to use! I have had terrible experiences with liner products. “Wow,” an Amazon customer insisted.