Say hello to our little friend, or big friend rather. There’s such thing as a real “Scarface Mansion,” and it exists in Santa Barbara, California. It sits on Para Grande Ln, all nice n’ flashy and decorative. Take a stab and guess how much it’s currently being sold for. Millions of dollars, absolutely. Try tens of millions of dollars. The current price tag is $35 million to be exact. Well, to live like a drug lord, you must pay the price! Fear not, for this piece of lavishing property makes sure that every dollar is well-spent.

It has 4 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms, so there’s never a line for the bathroom. If the new owner(s) were to throw a party, then some of the bathrooms can serve as nice bedrooms as well. The main house measures 9,816 sq ft. It flows immediately out into the back long and wide patio and dons high awe-inspiring ceilings. Enveloping the main house is 10.39 beautiful acres. The property includes long, tranquil, and romantic pathways that lead to water fountains and a pool. As for the amenities: office/meeting room, fireplaces, breakfast nook, laundry room, and furnished kitchen.

Address: 631 Para Grande Ln, Santa Barbara CA 93108