These Alo leggings are truly special. Check out these rave reviews from some of the 1,200+ customers who left 5-star reviews.

Alo Yoga High-Waist Air Lift Leggings

Alo’s shopper said, “These leggings are my favorite.” These leggings were sold out so quickly that I can understand their popularity. They are very soft and buttery. These fit me perfectly, and they feel great on my skin. “I look forward to the addition of other colors to my comfortable wardrobe.”

Another review, “I love the leggings. We will purchase a few additional pairs so we have plenty of stock.

Another person said, “I love these leggings!” They are perfect for me, and don’t dig into my sides. They are so beautiful!

One shopper stated that these were her favorite leggings and she has tried many! They provide perfect coverage and hold my belly in place like a dream. These were my first Alo leggings purchase. I’ve since bought 3 additional pairs. SO worth it!”

One customer said, “I love these leggings!” “Great compression, slim look, and great colors!”

I love everything about these leggings: the color, cut and style. Many pairs of Alo leggings are my own. My favorite fabric is Airlift. The matching Henley Polo was purchased to go with the Airlift. “Many compliments,” wrote a fan.