Sarah Michelle GellarSunnydale knows the person she wants to see.

She was the actress who played the role of the titular character in the popular series Buffy The Vampire Slayer, ​didn’t hesitate to say who she’d like to ​see take up ​the wooden stake in a potential reboot.

“I vote Zendaya“She told author Evan Ross Katz, In an interview with him for his book Buffy Stole Our Hearts: In Every Generation, a Slayer Is BornAccording to Insider.

It This book, which explores the history of this groundbreaking series, shows how thirsty we still are. Buffy.

Zendaya also gave its approval to the casting concept. Julie BenzDarla, played by a cast member of Buffy between 1997 and 2000.

Katz asked her about it and Katz replied “That would really be incredible.”

There is not an official Buffy reboot is in the works at the moment, fans of the show—which just celebrated its 25th anniversary—have long wondered if the vampire slayer herself will slice back into pop culture again at some point.

The 2018 reboot stars a Black actor. Buffy from showrunner Monica Owusu-BreenIt was officially announced. Executive produced the show by Joss WhedonHe was the creator of the original series. But the project did not move forward.