SMG’s and Selma’s kiss onscreen in 1999 was huge. The kiss won Best Kiss at 2000 MTV Movie Awards. It was recreated on stage by the pals.

It’s not in the script. This is the famous string of spit they use to follow their lesson. 

“I don’t recall who it was, but someone told us that there were saliva connections between them and we needed to get back. It was also called And [cinematographer] Theo [van de Sande]I was like “No, it is beautiful.” It’s so hot, I thought. Cosmo asked Kumble to recollect the event. So it was a happy accident. “It’s sort of been remembered as such.”

Gellar said that Selma was scared she’d suck at me kissing when it came time to film it. But she didn’t!”

Blair, who was 27 when he played the role of the freshman Cecile, admitted that he had nervousness at first. But Gellar also said so. “Besides having kissed my sister many years ago in truth or dare,” he stated. Our kissing scene was shot on the final day of filming. This was a great moment. Sarah and I were on our way to Central Park to shoot the scene. Sarah said, “Tomorrow, we can make out!” She said, “Shhhh.” Don’t speak.'”

For Gellar, the kiss, which was performed in Central Park with hundreds of extras and photographers around, ended up making tabloid headlines the following week. “[We] saw headlines that said something like, ‘Sarah spends a day in Central Park with a friend,'” Blair remembered. They all probably had their telescopic lense ready for that day.