Oh, how we miss Christina Yang.

CelebHomes News interviewed me. Daily Pop, Sandra Oh If Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes ever confided in her about plans for the end of ABC’s medical drama.

Although she isn’t sure what her ending will be, she knows what it will look like. DoesThe only thing you know for sure is that it’s going to be spectacular. The actress stated, “I am certain however it will be.” It’s going be beautiful.

Rhimes transferred her showrunner duties to Rhimes in 2007. Krista Vernoff—who served in the position until 2011, took a break and then returned in 2017.

The interview was done for her forthcoming project. It’s time to turn redOh, shared her wish to appear on a show. Sorry, Grey’sIt’s not clear, though, that she would like to put on Christina’s labcoat.

“I am so in love with the Gestures that are righteous“There are phenomenally talented people there,” she stated. I would love to come on as a crazy a–– character. It’s not clear what it is, but I think it’s very wide and it’s funny.

She heard you. This is your turn. Danny McBride