Sandra BullockI had a lot of eye candy Channing Tatum.
On March 14, he made an appearance at The Late Show with Stephen ColbertIt is the Bird Box actress, 57, revealed that she came up close and personal with Channing’s nude body while filming scenes for their new movie, The Lost City.
After you reveal that, Coach Carter actor, 41, was “stupid naked” in this film, Sandra told host Stephen ColbertShe was actually “fully present” in the scene that Channing was helping to remove his leeches.
Sandra said, “Full-on and face-to-face with the landscape.” It was a time I needed to be there. I was just making sure there were no leeches. “I had much to add to this.”

Sandra was asked by the host of Talk Show Sandra if Sandra’s on-screen response was because her costar is well-endowed. 

“Let’s just be honest, I really didn’t see it,” she said. If you look directly at the dialogue while you are below, there will be no progress. I focused on his left inner thigh. It was hard to see, so I concentrated on his left inner thigh.