Sandra spoke candidly about Louis and Laila’s adoption stories during their conversation. According to the Oscar winner, she “found out about both babies” when she was staying in Jackson Hole, Wyo.—where her mom, Helga MeyerThe buried is the.

It is very difficult for me to express my feelings, but it makes me feel so happy that I was able to have these children. Knowing I was going to be a mom, I didn’t surprise myself. Sandra explained that even though she didn’t know it at the time, Sandra knew she would not be a mom. She also said that her focus was on acting before she decided to adopt. That was all I could do. It was all I had. I was on a wheel, but it’s hard when society is breathing down your neck going, ‘You have to do [motherhood]This is how it works.

Sandra adopted Louis in 2010. Louis was adopted by Sandra in 2010. [old]. I just knew and I said, ‘This is my path.'”

Laila was the last. Ocean’s 8The actress adopted the girl after she had fostered her. Sandra said that the process was an “outside of body” experience.