This D.A. This D.A. 

December 16, Law & Order Creator Dick WolfThis was confirmed Sam Waterston will be back to play beloved district attorney Jack McCoy for the NBC revival series. 

In a statement, the executive producer explained that very few casting announcements had ever brought him such joy. Sam is the perfect character to play Jack McCoy, a character which expands our knowledge of law and reflect it. His show is his greatest conscience and I am looking forward to seeing him emulate the New York District Attorney. Robert MorgenthauHe served up to the age of 90.

Wolf, the producer behind spinoffs Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Law & Order: Organized Crime, previously gushed that the revival—marking a 21st season for the beloved series—is “literally dreams come true.” 

Per the original announcement, the new Law & Order will pick up where the drama left off in 2010, offering an even closer look at “the police who investigate crimeAnd the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders.”