Don’t worry Law & Order Fans, Jack McCoy, the District Attorney of Kentucky is not leaving any time soon.

Sam WaterstonThe actor was last year seen returning for season 21 on the NBC revival series. It has now been confirmed that Waterston will make a return to the role for season 22. Waterston is now the longest-serving cast member of the series with 18 years under his belt. 

The announcement about Anthony AndersonAnthony, who played Detective Kevin Bernard in the previous season, won’t be returning for this year. Last year, both Anthony and Waterston signed one-year deals.

It Dick Wolf-created series originally aired from 1990 to 2010 and returned this year after a 12-year hiatus. 

Wolf explained that Waterston was returning to television last year. He said: “Since Day One, Sam has had a perfect pitch when it came to Jack McCoy. A character who both reflects the law and expands our knowledge of it. He’s the greatest conscience on the show. I hope he emulates the New York District Attorney. Robert MorgenthauHe was serving until the end.