The end is near Sam Hunt and wife Hannah Lee Fowler.

Hannah sought divorce from country singer Hannah on February 18, and also listed that date as her separation according to Tennessee court documents. People Other outlets. CelebHomes News does not have access to her file. According to the reports, Hunt is accused of inappropriate marital conduct and adultery.

Fowler (33 years old) also noted in papers that she was pregnant, and is due to give birth May according to multiple reports. The former couple will have their first child.

Hunt (37 years old) has yet to respond to Fowler’s divorce petition. Neither of them has made statements regarding their marital or split. CelebHomes News reached out to the reps of Hunt and Fowler for clarification.

In her filing, Fowler requested to be granted primary custody of the couple’s future child, and for Hunt to pay her alimony and child support, PeopleReports that her ex wants to “acquire their separate property” as well.