Change is in the air Outlander prepares to enter its sixth season.

Sam HeughanJamie Fraser is being played by Jeremy Scott. 

The past of Jamie comes back to haunt his, a former adversary in Tom Christie’s form (Mark Lewis JonesHeughan stated that he was a “(), Men’s health. Jamie was his prison inmate, so he is also now Fraser’s Ridge’s co-intimate. He and Jamie are the first to see the end of Fraser’s power.

Heughan teases Claire about the things he sees in his life during the American Revolutionary War.Caitriona Balfe) start out well in the upcoming season, which premieres March 6 on Starz.

“The Frasers are now very wealthy,” he said. The town is growing. Jamie and Claire seem almost to be chiefs.

As is often the case with pride, however, it often precedes the fall.