Just Like That… Sam Asghari was nearly in theSex and the City reboot.  

Tuesday, December 29, was the 29-year-old actress, who just got engaged to Britney SpearsIn September, he revealed to his Instagram Story that Travis was Carrie’s physical therapy. He appeared in episode 5.  

Sam posted a picture of himself to his Instagram Story. He explained that the job was not offered. Sam shared his disappointment by posting a photo of himself on his now-expired Instagram Story. He wrote: “Man, this was something I had been looking forward to for the restart of Sex and the City. And Just Like That.”  

Sam also shared another screenshot from Travis’ episode as a way to show his support. He added, “Shout out the dude who got him!” He continued. He said, “It was an illicit role.” 

Carrie’s “back-in-heels” journey is made possible by Travis, the character played by Travis.