Father, son, and parents House of Gucci cast! 

Salma Hayek Couldn’t help but love my co-star Lady GagaAt the Lincoln Center premiere in New York, the film was presented by a group of attractive people. 

Salma said casually to Gaga, “Your mom’s hot,” during CelebHomes News. Daily Pop on Wednesday, Nov. 17. 

The song’s singer, Born This Way, replied: “I know. My mom is.” So hot!” 

Salma added, “She’s beautiful!” “By the way, you dad are hot as well.” 

“Don’t tell your mother!” Gaga joked. 

Salma continued her love for Gaga. “She’s amazing. She’s an inspiration. She’s always new,” says the Eternals scene-stealer added. These choices are original, smart, and interesting. Her passion is infectious. She is a skilled professional. It’s contagious.” 

Gaga said, however that she felt under pressure to please the director. Ridley Scott with her performance. Gaga said, “I grew-up three blocks from here,” I don’t belong anywhere, thank you for taking me here.”