Sadie Robertson Welcomes Baby No. 1 with Christian Huff

Find out more Sadie Robertson2022 isn’t all it was cracked up to be.

Friday January 7, 2009: Duck Dynasty star and author, 24, posted on Instagram a cute clip of her daughter, Honey JamesAnd he is his husband. Christian Huff smiling and playing together. 

The post’s caption, however, wasn’t as adorable as its image. Sadie announced that since the start of the year, she came down with “flurona,” a combination of coronavirus and the flu, and also discovered that rats had settled in her family’s home while they were away. 

“Tbh this year’s start has been very interesting!” Sadie wrote. Sadie wrote: “It all started with me getting FLURONA, flu + covid (yikes). 

Sadie is diagnosed with cancer just four months after she had her daughter Honey, who was born last May, was hospitalized for Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). She later made a full recovery.

CelebHomes News interviewed Sadie in October to say that “it was really sad, and it was a lot for me to walk through.” But I am grateful that we are on the other side.