Ryan ReynoldsIs speaking out afterwards Betty White publicly addressed his crush on her.

As fans may recall, the actor has gushed over his ProposalSince 2009, when White played the role of his grandmother onscreen in the film, she has been a co-star at countless occasions. Reynolds actually took to social media in January 2019 to show his affection for White, who was celebrating her 97th Birthday. I don’t often post about ex-girlfriends. He wrote a cheeky Instagram post at the time, “But Betty’s Special.” Happy Birthday, @bettymwhite

A recent interview was conducted with People ahead of her 100th birthday, White jokingly commented on Reynolds’ crush. She told The Outlet, “I have heard Ryan cannot get over his love for me.” Robert Redford is The One.”

After the article was published, Reynolds couldn’t help but respond in his signature humor, tweetingDecember 30, early: “I am absolutely sick of media exploiting past relations just to drive clicks.”