Not only did Gosling have to run on top of trains and take down bad guys in the film, but he also went head-to-head with action movie pro Chris Evans. Gosling described the incident as “He ran mustachefirst into that role,” Captain America star. “He enjoyed playing this character. It was just so much fun.

Evans, like his star, had nothing but positive words for Gosling. Daily PopRyan’s a remarkable professional. His screen presence is amazing, and you can be sure he will elevate your work.”

Evans exchanged his Marvel character’s emblematic shield for an impressive mustache, which he wore as Llyod Hanen. This look was a result of a relationship Evans admitted to having a love/hate relationship. He laughed and said, “It helped my character.” It didn’t improve my daily life.”

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Gray ManPremieres at select theatres on July 15, and worldwide drops to Netflix July 22,