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Only a few more days are left for 2022. It is now that it is time to start making plans for the new year.

Although the concept of constructing resolutions for the new year can be motivating, it can also serve as a reminder of all the things we wanted to accomplish in year’s past, but we weren’t able to for one reason or another—and Ross MathewsWe can all relate.

“I think resolutions in my past have always been a set-up for failure—I’ve said so many,” the RuPaul’s Drag RaceCelebHomes heard from the judge. CelebHomes was able to see me since 2000. “Viewers know that I have appeared on television for twenty years. And I say that I could be a weight detective. Because I’ve always been able find it when I lost it. This past year and half has been a turning point in my life. It’s amazing how far I’ve come.

The WW (formerly Weight Watchers) has helped the comedian lose 60 pounds. He has also been able change his relationship to food, something that will likely be on many people’s resolutions for this year. Ross decided to change his life after the 2020 pandemic. 

The podcast host explained that despite having failed resolutions over the years, he realized the importance of this moment in June 2020 after losing his mom last May. It sounds ridiculous, but this was the perfect storm of pandemics giving perspective to everyone and me experiencing a tragic loss. I realized I want to stick around as long as humanly possible—I’m going to do everything in my part to make sure that I can be here and the one thing I could control was my health.”