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The preview of HBO’s “The View” Wife of a Time Traveler, Rose LeslieClaire (the character in ‘The Time Traveler) is faced with the dilemma of marrying the time traveler. He disappears at all the wrong moments. She says that the bedsheets will become slack, or that the shower will continue running until you realise he is gone.

This scene quickly becomes an overflowing sink. Claire says that her husband “is just a bunch of clothes.” 

Henry was her husband. Theo JamesIt’s difficult to marry a man who disappears all the time. It’s not an extraordinary power, he said. He said, “It’s the problem with me.”

It’s not his fault. He says, “I don’t have the ability to hold onto a present moment. I just slip off.” “I fall back in the time.”

Henry appears in another age, but he is still naked and unacquainted with his surroundings. He’s sometimes able to see Claire when he is young, while other times he finds himself in the middle of trains tracks and has little time to respond.