Romeo Beckhamis forever twinning dad David Beckham.
The 19-year old model, whose mother is Victoria BeckhamTwo brand new tattoos were posted by, to his Instagram Story. The first tattoo on his right hand was a picture of a bird with the message “Leadwith love” below it. However, the most eye-catching body art is the one on his neck that featured angel wings with cross in the middle. It mirrors his dad’s tattoo.
Romeo wrote “@_DR_WOO_ MASTERPIECE ONCE AGAIN” in his Instagram post. Later that day, the model showed off his newly inked neck with a candid Instagram photo.
Romeo’s father is not unfamiliar with ink. The former soccer player has reportedly had over 60 tattoos placed on his body. According to a report, one of them is a tattoo. Men’s HealthIt includes Romeo’s initials and is found under his angel-winged neck ink.