There is no act of kindness that goes unappreciated, however small.

Hollywood might seem like a place that is focused only on wealth and fame from the outside. Many of Hollywood’s biggest stars aren’t content with being in the public eye. They also give back to charity and non-profits.

“I work very closely with charity organizations, such as the Wounded Warrior Foundation or White Heart Foundation.” Rob Lowe shared with CelebHomes News. Due to having lost my family members, I also do lots of work in cancer. Susan G Komen [for the Cure] is a great place for people who want to do something there. You will feel more fulfilled if you give back.

For some stars like NASCAR champion Jimmie JohnsonThey decided to make their platform theirs to create foundations and charity organizations of their own. Others may not be so fortunate. Mike Sorrentino, “The Situation.” and his wife Lauren SorrentinoTheir personal experiences have given them new perspectives on how vital nonprofits are.