Rihanna Can Take a Bow After Being Named National Hero of Barbados

The Right Honorable Robyn Rihanna Fenty.
The 33-year-old multi-faceted singer was bestowed with the honor of becoming the National Hero of Barbados on Monday, Nov. 29, adding yet another title to her already incredibly Heavy résumé. A ceremony was held by Barbados Prime minister Mia MottleyRihanna received the honour in a Bottega Veneta orange silk gown paired with high-heeled heels.
The event, marking the country’s split from the United Kingdom to become its own republic, took place in the singer’s hometown of Bridgetown. 

Prime Minister Mottley stated to the performer at the ceremony that “on behalf of a grateful nation but an even more proud people”, and “we, therefore present to you the designee for national hero Barbados, Ambassador Robyn RihannaFenty.”

Mottley referred to her hit “Diamonds” and said, “May your shine be like a diamond, continue to bring honor and glory to your country by your words and by your actions and give credit where you go.”