Phaedra ParksIs going on record to claim she did NotYou can have sexual relationships in the Blue Stone Manor fish room.

CelebHomes News exclusively revealed that “No fish became pregnant.” I didn’t hump the fish. The fish did not move from the wall.”

Phaedra, all jokes aside This was assigned the infamous bedroom upon arriving to Dorinda MedleyHome in the Berkshires Real Housewives Ultimate Girls’ Trip Ex-Wives ClubIt premiered on June 23, and was titled “Phaedra,” But thankfully for Dorinda and the fish, Phaedra didn’t have the same reaction that Luann de LessepsWhat did season 11 show? Real Housewives of New York City

Phaedra explained, “I come from the South. So we leave people’s houses better than they found us.” I loved the fishroom, it was amazing.

That, and not haunted—at least not by any scary spirits, the mortician and self-described ghost whisperer added. Phaedra stated, “They know I,” and that they consider me one of theirs. “They don’t bother me because I’m friendly company.