Olivia Culpo You can find it melting hearts. 

It I Feel Pretty actress celebrated three years with boyfriend Christian McCaffrey, a pro football player for The Carolina Panthers, by writing theAn anniversary post that ends all posts about June 23rd.

“Three years ago I was not looking for a relationship,” she penned on Instagram before recounting their love story. Olivia says it started with her best friend, model Kristen LouelleAn NFL player Tyler Gaffney, called her up and “asked if I would be open to meeting their friend Christian.” 

Olivia, however, wasn’t sure. Olivia explained, “I was afraid.” It was a fear that it would become the same old tale over and again, with all the men being the same. Although my expectations were not high, I was aware that I could not close myself off or make decisions on the basis of fear.

It worked and she was willing to take a chance. In fact, one of her most treasured pics of her now-boyfriend was snapped the night they met.