Gizelle BryantIt is not necessary to be looking for love. 

She is, however, single and ready to mingle. After telling her three daughters that she’s casually dating on a recent episode of The Real Housewives of PotomacCelebHomes News’ Gizelle stopped her Daily PopShe also shared more details about her romantic life in the article.

Bravo star, who is casually dating, said that she was not ready for a relationship that requires work. Daily Pop“s” Justin SylvesterGuests host Cynthia Bailey on Wednesday, Oct. 27.

Eager to hear more—And potentially set her up on a few dates—Cynthia asked Gizelle for additional details, i.e., “Are you getting some?!”

Gizelle replied, “Ofcourse sex is involved” “But I don’t like to have to call your all the time; and I don’t need you to call me every day…just leave me alone.” I’ll love you better if we can be alone.”