How to weather the storm

The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Jennifer Aydin is getting candid about a family secret that’s about to come to light when the hit Bravo series returns tomorrow night.

“I’ll have you know that this secret that nobody knew about was really, on my end, nobody knew,” Jennifer told CelebHomes News exclusively. My parents didn’t know, my best friend didn’t know, my cousin didn’t know, my siblings didn’t hear, and my sister didn’t even know. The grave is the place I wanted to keep it secret.”

Jennifer claims that her husband was involved in the accident. Bill Aydin, is “one of the hardest things for me to be able to have to now deal with” in the public eye because she never emotionally dealt with it at the time it occurred.

She revealed that she pretended it never happened, and had never raised it in an argument. He was forgiven by me when I made the decision to forgive him. I then forgot all about it, and that was my past. For me, it was difficult to have this subject brought up before everyone.